The Third Style of Writing: Expert

The Expert writer is focused on a purpose. There is evidence of voice or an audible tone to his writing. There is evidence of a depth of development supported by relevant details. There is logical organization to his works, along with, controlled and varied sentence structure

Simple Characteristics for Identifying Expert Writers

    focuses on purpose

    good ideas

    lots of interesting ideas/details

    good organization

    good sentences

    good word usage

    few errors

    fun to read


An Example of Expert writing

Note: no mistakes, grammar or spelling have been corrected.

A Different Christmas

Every year it was the same thing over and over. There was always nine or ten presents to open on Christmas Day and cookies to snack on. This year it was different. It was Christmas Eve and only two presents each under the tree for my sister and me. I hadn’t asked for much, but I was getting worried. Many things were running through my mind: had they forgotten about me? Were they out of money? I wondered and wondered what the problem might be. I never said anything to mom, thinking it might hurt her feelings.

I was up the Christmas morning around 6:00 A.M.. Mother was perky with a smiling face while she rumbled around the house waiting for dad to come from the barn. My sister and I were still half asleep. So we stared at the four presents under the tree. There were two for her and two for me.

Dad finally got home and was ready to watch us rip open the beautifully wrapped packages. We gathered around the tree with our cookies and a glass filled of milk. We saw a smile on our parents faces. So they watched us tear the presents open. Of course what else but new outfits for both of us. They were lovely clothes, and I really appreciated them, but I wanted something fun.

My parents stalled for a minute before giving us the other present. My sister and I knew that it must be something good. My heart was beating faster as mom handed us the gifts. Dad slowly got his boots back on and went outside. That was strange, but I thought nothing more of it. We finally got back to the presents. We ripped the paper off the box and was ready to discover what was inside. My sister delved into her box to find a horse bridle.

A surprised look began to show on my face. After all the astonishment, I displayed I should see what was under the lid. So I pulled it out, it was the exact same thing; another bridle. My sister and I looked at each other with amazed faces. We jumped up and ran to the door. Joy and happiness ran through our hearts when we saw two ponies with big red bows tied around their necks as they came galloping down from the barn in the snow

We didn’t know what to think. We were stunned! All the disappointing and discouraging thoughts had been lifted from my mind. Cheer and happiness was the only thing I could realize in my mind. All the doubts my sister and I had were now gone. This was the best Christmas ever, and I loved my parents for everything they had done. It made this the most special one.

End of story, A Different Christmas

Need Help or Wish to Check Your Writing

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