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Which Way Home is a novel about the struggles of a young Amish boy who goes from a simple Amish kid to a football star. He decides to live life away from his own people and religion to pursue his goals. He finds a cruel world of prejudice and bias still alive in America. The main character, Hans Yoder, struggles to overcome prejudice to find his success.
The fight against prejudice and bias remains alive in America today. Which Way Home looks at the heartbreak of one who suffers through the mortifying experience of trying to find a home, new family, friends, girlfriend, and teammates. He believes that success will make him someone special and give him a safe place where the two giants prejudice and bias can’t attack him.
The novel has mystery, mystique and love throughout as well as intrigue, danger, bias, murder and bullying. All of which affect the main character and his friends.
Here’s a link to view or buy:

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B. Howard Coffey

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