Hi, I’m Carter Adams, and I am a writer/publisher with M & H Publishing Company.

Love to write and fish. Since I live on Lake Barkley in western Kentucky, I can do both whenever I want. However, I spend most of my time writing.

I’m president of M & H Publishing Company. I write, edit and format other’s manuscripts for publication.

We sell books!

We format manuscripts!

We edit novels!

We write fiction/mystery/spy novels

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Taught writing at the college level for eight years in Louisville, Kentucky. Have published three novels, My second and third novels, Interstate to No Where and Which Way Home, published in November. Interstate to No Where is fiction based on a young lady from eastern Kentucky who wants to become an artist. She can’t realize her dream staying home in a coal mining town. She hitches a ride on an eighteen-wheeler to begin traveling her Interstate to No Where.

Which Way Home finds Hans, a young Amish boy disenchanted with his life at home. He runs away at age twelve and finds a new life with a farmer and his wife in northern Indiana. Both books available on Amazon.

We market books for other people such as, The Red-Haired Master Shepherd, by B. H. Coffey, available on Amazon.

Check us out for any editing you might need. We offer competitive rates and return your work in a timely fashion. We do require one-half down with the balance due whenever you are satisfied with your product.

Your novel can appear on this site! Contact us.

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