Fountain Pen Versus Keyboard

To most of the younger writers, choosing between fountain pen and a keyboard really isn’t much of a choice. Why would anyone want to waste time writing in longhand with a fountain pen when he/she can finish the project in much less time with a keyboard?

Although the keyboard may be faster, has the advantage of spell check and grammar assist, there still remains specific advantages to using a fountain pen. I’d love to look at a few of those advantages.

Fountain Pen

I must admit that I’m old school. I was born before computers were such a rage. I fell in love with a fountain pen the first time I used one.

To me the advantages to using a fountain pen far outweigh the use of a keyboard. When you use a fountain pen, the words flow with the rhythm of your heartbeat. The reason for the flow is because it is a natural rhythm as is your heartbeat.

Another reason, there’s no work to writing with a fountain pen. The pen seems to glide along the paper without much effort on your part. Not so with a keyboard. Using a keyboard requires much more work than using a fountain pen.

Then, too, fountain pens are creative works of art. They are beautiful! I have several, and I use them often. Always someone will ask me about my pen whenever I am writing with it in public.

Did you consider that whenever you write, there are many steps to the final product regardless what instrument with which you choose to write the draft? Why not write your first draft with a pen. You can speed write without worrying about grammar, spelling or run on sentences. It’s your first draft by the way.

Then as you put your first draft onto a computer or laptop, you correct the mistakes as you go. You can finish a project so much faster. Whenever you use a keyboard and monitor, do you have a tendency to correct every underlined word that appears in red? If you are a visual learner, you most likely cannot proceed with your project leaving a red, underlined word on the page. It will eat you alive trying to ignore it!

I write all my novels, short stories, poems or blog posts first with a fountain pen. Then whenever I use the keyboard and computer, I am editing and rewriting as I go. However, I don’t stop with one or two edits. I have run through novels as much as ten times. Unfortunately, whenever I publish the novel, there are still a few mistakes in it. I’ve found that I’m not perfect. Besides, I read a lot. I see mistakes in other novels as well.

Therefore, invest in a fountain pen. Most likely you can write it off on your taxes. (Check with your CPA before attempting to deduct a pen). You will discover a whole new world of writing. To me writing with a fountain pen first makes all the difference in my writing.

I love to write. I think I was born to write. I’m here to offer my assistance if you need anything. Leave a comment or question below. Or you may contact us by ==> clicking here and hit “contact.” I’ll get back real soon.

Regardless, Always Write Right! Writing Right Is Your Perception!

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