Write Your First Novel

Writing a novel isn’t all that difficult. It takes time! Everyone has within them a story. However, not everyone can write.

There are sites where you can learn to write for publication, or places that teach you to write. Most are inexpensive. You may have a wonderful idea for a novel, but you need someone to help you write it. Ghost writers can be found online, at Fiverr or we may be able to help.

Most novel lengths vary. However, it helps to have 80,000 plus words for your works to be considered as a novel.


There are several genres to which you can assign your works. You can choose from one of the following:




science fiction




historical fiction

to list a few. Inside each of these categories are different, specialized genres that you may need to learn such as young adult, children’s books, etc.

There’s much for you to learn before you decide to publish your novel. However, none of these things are nearly so important as writing your works.

Different Tools

As you begin your novel, you may wish to try different tools. Some authors prefer to use fountain pens to do their first draft. Other writers, who have been brought up in the technology era, choose to write their first draft with a keyboard and computer. Neither way is wrong, and I find that neither speeds up the process.

Your novel will need to be written, rewritten, edited and formatted many different times before you have a finished product. You can find people to edit your novel online. The costs vary depending on the success rate of the editor.

If you should find an agent for your novel, the agent will seek a publisher for you. The publisher will offer editing of your novel. You will follow the editor’s suggestions and edit your novel. You also can find an editor on Fiverr.

M & H Publishing also offers editing. Check with us ==>go here to see if we can help you. We offer competitive services, and we have a great success rate.

To Your Success

So, you have a few ideas about writing a novel. We are here to help. If you have questions or comments, you can leave them in the “comments” section. We will get back really soon.

Or you may contact us by ==> clicking here.

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