5 Ways to Build a Quality Email List

No matter how great your product or service, if no one knows about or can find it, your product or service remain just that–unknown. To allow others to know about you and your services or products, you need to build an email list. In this post I look at five important ways you can build your own email list.

Yes, you can buy a list that gives instant access to a great number of potential buyers. However, it also leads to my way of dealing with these emails–I unsubscribe or label them as junk. What you want to consider is to build a list of quality subscribers who have an interest in your subject. Let’s look at my five ways of getting quality subscribers:

  1. Start With Your Current Contacts

Most internet users have a sizeable list of contacts. You’ve communicated with these contacts over the years. They recognize you when you send them an email. This is the best place to begin building your list.

Ask your friends and family to tell others how to get your newsletter. Word of mouth may be the best way to build an authentic list of subscribers. Those who buy your product or novel who tell others about it can indeed build your list of followers.

However, don’t begin by sending a blanket email advertising your current book release. Send an email asking their permission to add them to your bi-monthly newsletter in which you talk about your publications and progress on your latest book.

By getting their permission, you aren’t breaking confidence with your friends and family who are on your current contact list. You want to explain why you are building a list. Tell your contacts what you will be doing or advertising. Always be up front with your subscribers. My website lets everyone know that I write and publish novels. Therefore, any contact from me will result in a new publication of a novel by me or someone I promote.

2. Add Your Contact Link to Your Website

Whenever you post a new blog on your website, make sure there’s a link where people can opt-in or sign up to your list. You can have a page devoted to this process listed at the top of your site or at the top of your sidebar.

Always post the link on your blog posts. You can never have too much exposure to your link.

3. Announcement List Or Contact List

Before you begin, which are you promoting? An announcement list or a contact list. If you want to announce a big event, i.e. a webinar, radio show, or a place where you are reading from your novel, your list would be a bit different. Of course, you would want a contact list for your announcements; however, either type of list will build your email list. You simply need to choose before you begin your blog or your advertisements.

4. Allow Your Subscribers to Contact You

In all your blogs, advertisements, chats, give your email address whenever possible. It’s best if your email address is similar to your website address or your name. Site recognition and personal name acquaintance are important to your potential subscribers.

For example, my email address is carterleeadams1@gmail.com. I own M & H Publishing. So in all my materials, I list how I can be contacted. Yes, this does lead to some spam emails. You can quickly unsubscribe to them.

On some sites you use for free advertising or blogging, you may be limited to the number of links you can provide. For instance, Ezine Articles doesn’t allow many links. They will not publish your article until the links are removed. I make that one link my website on which I have a contact link. If you blog on certain sites, you may be limited to the number of links you can use.

5. Be Honest

Always be yourself, be open and honest in all your attempts to get new subscribers. My number one purpose for my blogs and website is to promote my novels. I’m extremely up front with that; however, I am also in the business to help writers. I will teach you how to write. Many writers try to write without the least idea that short, introductory adverbial clauses do not require a comma. Although most writing programs say they do. There are other examples of the use of English that your average writing software do not catch. I’m always willing to help!

Maybe a good idea for you to adhere to: do not buy an email list. When you send an email, it needs to be to someone who has agreed to give you their email address. If anyone wishes to unsubscribe from your list, make it easy for the person.

After all, at the end of the day, you have to go to bed with yourself. Your goal should be to build an authentic list by offering something free that has value or simply giving good information to your audience.

From Howard

I love to write. I think I was born to write. I’m here to offer my assistance if you need anything. Leave a comment or question below. Or you may contact us by ==> clicking here and hit “contact.” I’ll get back real soon.

Regardless, Always Write Right! Writing Right Is Your Goal!

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