Rest Author: B. Howard Coffey, Director Becoming Christian Ministries, Inc. Box 915 Eddyville, KY 42038 Phone: 270 388-8233              Email: For Free Study Materials Visit Our Blog:             The study of the book of Hebrews, a copyright study, is the property of Becoming Christian Ministries, Inc., Box 519, Eddyville, Kentucky.  All rights reserved.  TheContinue reading “Rest”

An Intentional Journey to No Where

Imagine being stuck in a mundane life without hope of another life outside becoming a miner’s wife and having babies. No wonder Laurie Beuchelle sets out on an intentional journey to No Where. Yes, No Where exists! At least there is a place in Laurie’s mind where No Where can be found. Laurie Beuchelle livedContinue reading “An Intentional Journey to No Where”

5 Ways to Build a Quality Email List

No matter how great your product or service, if no one knows about or can find it, your product or service remain just that–unknown. To allow others to know about you and your services or products, you need to build an email list. In this post I look at five important ways you can buildContinue reading “5 Ways to Build a Quality Email List”

When Idleness Slows Your Pen

Writers are business owners who work for themselves. If you allow idleness to slow your pen, i.e. your production, your business suffers. Following are five tips to stay productive and prevent idleness. Keep a Journal of Thoughts and Ideas Keeping a journal is something every writer needs to do. Every idea that comes to mindContinue reading “When Idleness Slows Your Pen”

Fountain Pen Versus Keyboard

To most of the younger writers, choosing between fountain pen and a keyboard really isn’t much of a choice. Why would anyone want to waste time writing in longhand with a fountain pen when he/she can finish the project in much less time with a keyboard? Although the keyboard may be faster, has the advantageContinue reading “Fountain Pen Versus Keyboard”