An Intentional Journey to No Where

Imagine being stuck in a mundane life without hope of another life outside becoming a miner’s wife and having babies. No wonder Laurie Beuchelle sets out on an intentional journey to No Where. Yes, No Where exists! At least there is a place in Laurie’s mind where No Where can be found.

Laurie Beuchelle lived in a small mining town in eastern Kentucky. Mullins Farm lay in the Appalachian Mountains across from the West Virginia state line. It was an indiscreet, nondescript town of houses covered with the black dust due to mining coal. Hardly any businesses existed in the town. A company store was the only place one could buy groceries; therefore, the store could set it’s own prices–and did! Inside the store was a pharmacy, too. Medicine was not cheap.

The houses were small, box-style and alike. They sat beside one another like sentinels in a graveyard. The single road through the town wound its way to the top of the mountain where coal was loaded onto trucks. These trucks hauled the crushed coal to a river port in Boyd County Kentucky. Here the cargo was loaded onto barges headed down the Kentucky River into the Ohio River and points beyond.

Coal mining was a lucrative business for the owners of the mine. The miners who did the work made enough money to keep them risking their lives each day. A man born in Mullins Farm hardly ever left. He married a girl from the town, began a family and sold himself to the company.

Becoming a miner’s wife was all Laurie had to look forward to if she stayed. However, Laurie had a plan. She would leave as soon as she graduated from high school and a little before she reached her eighteenth birthday. She would walk the three miles to the Interstate to hitch a ride on an eighteen-wheeler. Where would she go? No Where was her destination.

When your destination is No Where, it’s easy to get there–or is it?

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