The Second Style Of Writing: Novice

The Novice writer makes an attempt to establish and maintain purpose and communicate with his audience. His attempts at development are unimaginative with quite a bit of repetition. There are definite lapses in focus and coherence.

His sentence structure is awkward and simplistic. The language of his sentences are simple without precision. There would be a few surface errors but these errors would not interfere with communication. The writer needs to put more thought into development and elaborate further on the details of his project. See page ____ for a guide on Ideal Development and Support.

Simple Characteristics for Identifying Novice Writers

    Little purpose and awareness of audience

    Repeats details (says the same thing over and over)

    simple sentences

    slightly boring

An Example of Novice writing

Note: no mistakes or spelling have been corrected.

The Amazing Power of 578

In my story I will be talking about the amazing power of 578. It cuts grime, grease, and any other hard to clean materials. it is the most, wonderful cleaner on the market. It first about 6 months old. They have sold about 1,608,789,000 so they are hot. The price on this hot item is $4.97 for the small bottle and the large ottle is $8.78 that is a reasonoable price for this hot item.

Betty used some other cleaner and it just wasn’t cutting it. So she used 578 spray and she was surprised at it’s power and how it cleans so much better than ordinary cleaners.

There was June who also used the 578 spray and she was surprised at th power. She also said she tried out its’ power. It cuts grease she said. The power is so cheap for the price to do all of this work.

Jim tried it and he loved the power of it, but his is not a house wife. He said we asked him why he used it for grease and unreacted stuff. He hiered of its power it had, and he didn’t have very many to clean up with. So he tried it. He was so surprised at the power and soon as his got cleaned up, he told everyone. He went out and bought a lot. It hasn’t failed a customer yet. Sieroous they have a hone line to call, if you are mad, disappointed, have any questions or comments with it. Please don’t hesitate to call. It free. 1 800 Yes that is 1

Now its’ time for me to go. I hope you liked my story and that I have persuaded you to buy 578 cleaner in the future.

End of story, The Amazing Power of 578

Need Help with Writing

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