The Fourth Style of Writing Gifted: Be the Best

The Gifted writer establishes a clear focus and purpose throughout. There is a clear voice or tone being heard through all the work. This writer shows a depth of complexity in his ideas that are clearly measurable. The Gifted writer also has on-target details and evidences of analysis. He shows reflection and insight as well.Continue reading “The Fourth Style of Writing Gifted: Be the Best”

The Second Style Of Writing: Novice

The Novice writer makes an attempt to establish and maintain purpose and communicate with his audience. His attempts at development are unimaginative with quite a bit of repetition. There are definite lapses in focus and coherence. His sentence structure is awkward and simplistic. The language of his sentences are simple without precision. There would beContinue reading “The Second Style Of Writing: Novice”

How To Recognize Good Writing

I use four levels of writing to teach how to recognize good writing. These four have worked well for me over the years, and I find these four styles to be easily recognizable by students. By examining the four styles of writing, you will come away with an understanding of how to write at theContinue reading “How To Recognize Good Writing”

The Third Style of Writing: Expert

The Expert writer is focused on a purpose. There is evidence of voice or an audible tone to his writing. There is evidence of a depth of development supported by relevant details. There is logical organization to his works, along with, controlled and varied sentence structure Simple Characteristics for Identifying Expert Writers     focuses onContinue reading “The Third Style of Writing: Expert”