Why Is Writing So Much Fun

Do you really like to write? Has writing become your job? If it isn’t fun, why write. I’m retired; therefore, I don’t have to do work. However, when I write, I find myself in another world.

My mind goes places that only my pen can take me!

Traveling isn’t as much fun as writing about seeing new and different places. Planning a novel around a location you have never visited makes for tremendous fun. Vacations have more appeal on paper than in reality. Which is more fun? Fishing or writing about fishing? That’s a hard one for me to answer. I love to fish! Yet, I love to write about fishing, too.

Writing is Creating

Writing is fun because you create stories, do copywrite or research and produce a helpful article. You create a blog to help your audience solve a problem. You create a story that keeps your readers spellbound for hours.

Your creative abilities allows you to arrange nouns and verbs in an order to make your sentences run and jump, skip and frolic. Your adjectives and adverbs give color and spice to your sentences. Occasionally, you throw in a phrase or clause to help shore up your sentences. You manage to make your sentences appealing by using the tools you learned about in grade school.

Writing Causes Thoughts

You can’t write without thinking about the process. You plan, outline, edit and rewrite. All the while your mind stays active, creative and contemplative. As your story grows, so do your ideas. You awaken at three o’clock in the morning with the best idea for that chapter.

As you drive to the grocery, an idea flows through your mind. Your mind becomes impregnated with and inundated by these related thoughts. Most of your writing will be done in your mind before the words reaches your paper.

You cannot write without thinking. Sometimes the ability to write becomes your first time with an original thought.

Writing Increases Brain Power

Yes, writing is fun because it not only shows intelligence but, you improve intelligence. You spend time searching dictionaries for the right word. You wear out a thesaurus finding that special synonym to fit your paper. Your mind absorbs those words and their meaning. The next time you write, you have a repertoire of words at your disposal.

Writing causes your brain power to grow! You develop a special insight into new phrases. Suddenly, the new phrases becomes titles to your next novel, story, song or short story.

Writing keeps you sharp. Gives you something to communicate to or with your writer friends.

Writing Makes You a Better Communicator

If you can write, you can develop oral communication, too. Once I was so introverted that I couldn’t carry a conversation with other adults. Sharing my ideas in front of an audience petrified me. My brain wouldn’t work. I could not perform! However, whenever I began writing, I found that I could indeed give a speech, address an audience or share my written ideas with a group.

Writing does improve your ability to perform in front of an audience.

I love to write. I think I was born to write. I’m here to offer my assistance if you need anything. Leave a comment or question below. Or you may contact us by ==> clicking here and hit “contact.” I’ll get back real soon.

Regardless, Always Write Right! Writing Right Is Your Perception!

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