Why Write? Some Reasons Why

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I write?” Are there days you question your reasons why you should ever become a writer? You probable aren’t alone with your questions.

The Thrill of Creating

One reason you write lies in the fact that you are drawing pictures on paper with your words.

  • words create
  • words fascinate
  • words captivate
  • words rejuvenate

Whenever you visit a meadow, hear the symphony of the birds and insects and see the wildflowers of red, blue and brown, the grasses of green dancing gently in the soft breeze, you painted a masterpiece with your words. Your audience walked with you in the meadow.

When your villain stealthy approaches your heroin, knife at the ready, fear plays in your heart as though you are the target. You hear the warning music building with each step the villain comes closer. Your heart pounds in your chest wanting to cry out, flee! Flee! Avoid the danger!

Yes, you write because you create scenes of passion and desire and fear and happiness and sadness. That’s why you write!

The Challenge of the Correct Word or Phrase

Finding the exact word or phrase gives you, the author, a sense of accomplishment. Why did you choose the particular phrase? Did it fit your main character’s vocabulary? Does the word add impetus to your storyline? Can the word or phrase keep your theme progressing?

Many thoughts and choices go into choosing the correct line of poetry. Sometimes you search dictionary and thesarus. Online dictionaries and Microsoft queries play major roles in your production. Everyday you add words in your journal that could help speak the exact message to your audience.

You search endlessly to choose the exact word or phrase that sends your works into endless recognition. The excitement of the chase, the thrill of success causes you to continue. That’s why you write!

Better Than Working for a Boss

Since you decided to make writing your career, you probably discovered that you are the best boss you have ever worked for. Although you must punch the clock, it’s still your clock that you punch.

You begin work at 7:00 a.m. sharp. Your challenge: write 5,000 words in eight hours. Seems easy! However, they must be the right words. You must learn to write right! Your challenge everyday not only includes words, but words in the correct format, syntax and context. Your work must comply with the standards of the language in which you write.

The feeling of being your own boss keeps you writing. Gives you reasons for going to work–although for you it isn’t work! Allows you the freedom to earn your living on your own. Your livelihood depends on your abilities, and the success you make is all on you. That’s why you write!

Work from Anywhere

As an author, you aren’t confined to an office. You can take your favorite fountain pen and tablet to your favorite coffee shop. Here you can enjoy a latte, allow the buzz of conversation lure your mind into novel creation. Your pen flows with words across your paper.

Perhaps your favorite place to write is a nook of shelter that protects from the sun and wind as your keyboard clicks as the sounds of the ocean’s waves crash against the rocks. The spray can’t touch you because you are protected. Yet the sounds, the peace from the confusion of the waves serve to lull you into the perfect writer’s venue. That’s why you write!

Why Do You Write

You’re the boss. You direct your ship on the waves of life. The creative thrill pumps through your veins with each heartbeat. You love the challenge of finding the exact word or phrase.

Regardless of your reasons, you write! You may never publish a single line of your work, but you still must write. It’s in you as surely as life and breath and blood lives there.

You write because you can’t imagine yourself doing anything else. That’s why you write!

I love to write. I’m here to offer my assistance if you need anything. Leave a comment or question below. Or you may contact us by ==> clicking here and hit “contact.” I’ll get back real soon.

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